Do you have a retail store and want to sell Amsoil ?
Do you have a shop or quick lube that installs oil ?
Do you have a business or farm that uses oil ?

If you answered yes then I can set you up with a
commercial / retail factory direct account.

Businesses that can benefit from a retail account:
Quick Lubes & Auto repair shops - Sell & install XL 7500 mile oils.
Motorcycle & ATV dealers - Sell 2 cycle oils, motorcycle oils and filters.
Auto parts & hardware stores - Sell 2 & 4 cycle oils.
Racing shops - Sell oils, filters, transmission oil and gear lubes.
Marinas or boat retailers - Sell oils for gas, diesel or outboards.

Customers are looking for local places to buy Amsoil products.
You could be selling them Amsoil.
You found this site, if you were selling Amsoil this site would direct customers to your business too.


Businesses that can benefit a commercial account:
Fleets both large and small - Save money on maintenance and fuel.
Farms - Amsoil has a product for every thing that needs lubrication.
Lawn care  - Cut your costs by making your equipment run better & longer.
Construction - Save down time for maintenance & repairs.
Rental stores - Do people abuse your equipment? Give it better protection !
Any business that has vehicles or uses any power equipment - period.

There are advantages to having a factory direct
commercial / retail account, contact me for the details. 
I can show you how Amsoil can save you money,
time, fuel & many headaches. I can offer you personal
service, delivery and special benefits that only I offer.

Amsoil  @ deluxeoil. com
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