Welcome to Deluxe oil, the name says it all,
Amsoil is the deluxe synthetic oil !

I am your Mid Mo Amsoil connection.

I am a life long auto & truck mechanic who has put 
over 1 million miles on my vehicles using Amsoil.
I am a 3 category ASE Master technician  - Auto, Truck & School Bus, plus I am also Amsoil T-1 certified.

In 2008 I received a special gift from ASE, I was happy to open my mail and find a 25 year medallion celebrating my 25 years of continuous ASE certification, wow how time flies. I just did my latest re-certification, now 35 years.
Check it out here.

I have been operating a small fleet for 30+ years so I have a lot of experience using Amsoil in high mileage vehicles.
Utilizing Amsoil and extended drain intervals has saved me a lot of money and countless hours changing oil and NOT working on broken down equipment not to mention saving 100s of gallons of used oil that I would have to deal with.

People ask me all the time, do you stock Amsoil ?
I think this best answers the question.
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Call me I probably have your oil.

Amsoil had the first API rated automotive synthetic oil and has remained the industry leader for over 30 years. There are many advantages to using Amsoil. 
You decide which one is the most important to you:

Saves you money - Fewer oil changes
Saves wear on your vehicle - That saves more money
Saves the environment - Less used oil
Saves fuel - Better mileage
Reduces friction & drag in your drive train - That increases horsepower 
Saves time - Greater convenience (less trips to the quick lube)
Noticeably lower oil temp for your motorcycle - And that's good

The advantages of using Amsoil in your vehicle are many, the same 
advantages apply to your boat, mower, ATV, personal watercraft, air compressor 
or weed wacker. Amsoil makes synthetic oils & filters for whatever your needs may be, 
engine oils, 2-Cycle oils, automatic and manual transmission oils, gear lubes, 
compressor oils, marine oils, the list goes on and on. 
All these products have one thing in common, they are the best. 
Amsoil always strives to have more and better products than the competition, 
if you want the best and the benefits that go along with using the best 
then you need AMSOIL !

Need convincing? 
Click on the Amsoil Oil Tests link at the left above.
Want to see inside pics of engines and transmissions
that use Amsoil? Check it out on my BP filter page.

See what the government has done with 
Royal Purple
Slick 50
, Zmax
Valvoline TM8


The truth will set you free.

See what GM (General Motors) & the state of California are telling the world with their joint 3000 mile oil change myth website  here

Here are some 3,000 mile change quotes.

If you already know your needs and are
ready to order you have 3 choices
    1. Use the link at the left to find a local retail outlet.
2. Use one of the links on the site to
order online.
3. Contact me and I can sell you your product or
special order it for you.

If you need to look up and see what Amsoil oils 
your vehicle needs then you can go here for 
Amsoil application lookup.

If you are unsure which Amsoil products you need you will find many informative pages on this Deluxe Oil 
website to help educate you on the benefits of Amsoil and help you pick the best oil for your needs.
If you are in the Mid Missouri area check out the 
local outlets selling and installing Amsoil here.

Need more info?
Check the Amsoil corporate site.

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