Neon tubing wanted.

I buy NOS (new old stock) neon beer sign glass tubing - parts.

I also buy good used neon beer sign tubing.

I will buy many/most neon beer sign reflectors and some lenses.

Any brand is good, Budweiser beer brands, Miller beer brands, Coors beer brands. Any beer brand is good. Words, borders, lines parts & pieces, you name it I will buy it. 

I prefer large lots of neon glass, no lot too big, I have bought hundreds of pieces in one lot. Because of time and distance I need to buy many at a time because small amounts are too costly to drive and pick up.

I am located near Columbia MO not far from I-70. 
I would be interested in neon beer sign glass in surrounding states but would consider other states if the lot is big enough and or interesting enough. I do travel to Michigan and Kansas one or more times a year so maybe we can work something out?
  If you are coming near here we could meet?  If too far I would consider having it shipped to me.
My point here is contact me and maybe we can get together.

I know from experience that many beer distributors have lots of old and outdated neon tubing setting around, some sign shops have big lots too. If this sounds like you please contact me at the link below.

If you know of a business or person with a large lot of neon beer sign glass please contact me. If I can get together with the glass owner and make a deal I would be happy to pay a finders fee for your assistance. 
I know this is the web and there are plenty of scams out there but trust me, I can give references, my word is good. You help me and I will help you.